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HB Cusco Travel is a travel agency located in the southern part of Peru. HBTravel Cusco offers a wide range of tours in Peru, with tour packages three days to 15 days, including visits to cities and popular attractions of Peru such as Machu Picchu, The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Tours in Nazca flight to the Nazca lines, tours in Arequipa and the excursion to the Colca Valley, tours in Puno and visit to Lake Titicaca, tours in Cusco and visit to the Sacred Valley and the lost city of Machu Picchu, tours in the Amazon Tambopata reserve, tours in Ica and Huacachina among many more


HB Travel Cusco

We are a travel agency 100% locally. We work in the region of Cusco and throughout Peru. We offer customized programs for small groups, honeymoon trips, group of friends. We organize trips and create unique experiences because Peru is a mega-diverse country.

About Our Travel Agency

Hello and welcome, Founded on September 19, 2005 as an operator of adventure travel, promoting tourism in this region, since our company delivers its services to hundreds of adventurous tourists. in order to provide an excellent service to domestic and international markets with the experience of having worked for 7 years in different agencies prestige in Cusco receptive to tourism and free, and earn a reputation within the tourism market.

With constant innovation of our services and adventure programs and more, as tour operators we offer various alternative routes, especially to the most wonderful tourist attraction in our country. We receive individuals and groups and offer them the most varied options of destinations in Cusco and throughout Peru. We offer adventure, ecological, cultural, mystical and traditional tours. Our exciting itineraries and promotional packages are designed to suit your needs and your budget...


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Why Choose Us?

Our guides
Are fully certified with up to date and the highest levels of training. All of our training agencies are internationally recognized.
Guides and Staff
Always the most specialized for your trip, we have many international partners depending on language requirements and adventure requests.
Personal Experience
With many partners from various nationalies, locational and language opportunities are vast with us.
Safety Guarantee
Our company is founded on a basis of honesty and integrity: We will always put our clients safety first and foremost.
Our prices reflect the true best value for your trip. They are always very competitive and based upon quality.
All you need to join in most of our activities and have fun!
Few other companies can boast as many included excursions as "HB Travel Cusco".

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Our Business Licenses and Certifications

HB Travel Cusco, well-known as HBTC, unlike other travel companies, is very concerned about having all documents in order and current so it meets in doing all the required procedures and formalities by the local government, this gives you a backup and security, also guarantees our seriousness and commitment to your travel necessities which will be covered with responsibility and much pleasure.
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