Sacred Valley Of The Incas
A visit to the Valle Sagrado de los Incas (Inca’s Sacred Valley) will take the whole day. This valley is located a short distance from Cusco, nestled between the flanks of great mountains whose altitude exceeds 5000 meters (16,400 ft). Running along the river known as Willcamayu Vilcanota (Sacred River), you will be able to see its fertile land, temperate climate, rich flora and fauna paradise and, of course, its exceptional beauty. Therefore, on Inca times this was a place that belonged exclusively to the nobility. Its ideal climate conditions have made this valley the main producer of the imperial white corn, considered the world’s largest grain. The valley is also known for its tasteful fruits.

At 8:30 am you will be picked up at your hotel and transferred to a touristic transportation at 9 am. Our first archaeological site to be visited is in PISAQ, located 32 Km (20 miles) from Cusco. Here you will have the opportunity to walk around on the traditional artisan market of Pisaq, where you can by handicrafts, stone work, clothing and textiles made from alpaca wool. Meeting local people on their traditional clothes is also a highlight of Pisaq (Typical Market only on Sundays. Craft Market on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

We will continue our way through the valley heading to the district of URUBAMBA (76 Km (47 miles) from Cusco, via Pisaq), where you will be able to enjoy a delicious lunch at a tourist restaurant.

The next stop is the archaeological site of Ollantaytambo, 94 Km (59 miles) away. This town is built on typically Inca foundations, with its terraced crops. We will also visit the fountains of Chocana and Inkapintay, the MañayRaqay Square (also known as K’uychipunku), the Casa Real del Sol (Royal house of the Sun), the Templo del Sol (Sun Temple), the stone quarries of Kachiqhata, pyramids, Inca walls and the site of Diez Hornacinas (Ten Niches). Please note that this is a guided tour. Later on, we will head to CHICHERO where we will visit the craft market, the archaeological complex and the colonial temple.


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